Creations made from my wanderings in the wilderness…

My Series of “Campfire Tales”

Dry River Camp

Desert Camp

Super light driftwood is the platform to this fishy (bone, that is) little seascape.
I used shells, fish bones and skulls and strange little
mushroom-like fungus for this fun piece…


Tiny bones washed with green paints and stood upright make the sea flora;
a little crab skeleton guards the cave of jewels & crystals…

My husband and I found these two awesome pieces of driftwood while camping along the Kern River in CA. They fit together perfectly & a gold piece of fool’s gold brings and mischievous glint to the serpent’s eye…

Kern River Serpent

I found the bird-shaped driftwood at Elephant Butte;
I also found tons of trash left behind by careless fishermen and visitors…

Otis The Oil Bird

So, I put it all together with tire tread, feathers and broken glass to make

Otis, The Oil Bird…

This castle is made from the rotted ends of our old carport beams…

Castle In The Sky

A cross made of old barnwood, bone, green glass and

tiles I salvaged from a remodeling job we did.

Baby Fox Memorial


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